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A women’s fashion eCommerce business wanted to increase their overall profitability. Their business had grown well over the past years without a strategic marketing plan in place. They were running Facebook and Instagram ads yet they weren’t profitable with them.


For the two months prior to hiring us they generated an average ROAS of 0.82 (a negative return on ad spend).


We were brought on to strategize, setup, manage, and optimize their Facebook, Google and Email advertising. We quickly identified issues with their ad account. Lack of social proofing their ads and not doing enough split testing of audiences, ad types, creative, or copywriting. They weren’t using enough varying ad creative and they weren’t doing proper retargeting campaigns. Their goal within 3-months was to increase overall profit through their website while achieving a 3X ROAS.


Extensive Testing and Proper Structure Implementation

We created sophisticated and layered ad campaigns to lower their cost per acquisition and increase their ROAS. Through our efforts with Facebook advertising alone we were able to increase online sales volume, reduce their cost per acquisition and increase ROAS. Within the first 3 months, we turned their ad account and made it profitable at over a 5.8x ROAS.


ROAS +375%

Spend +241%

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