Google & Youtube

Our expert team of Google ads specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve a commanding presence in high-intent search results for relevant keywords and traffic related to your business, products, and services. By implementing a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that complements your brand’s omni channel advertising, we will engage and convert consumers across the entire funnel.

Google & Youtube

As a Google Premier Partner and part of the Accelerated Growth Team, we use Google’s resources to reach relevant audiences. Our goal is to help brands grow and succeed on Google and other paid media channels. We do this by creating a product adoption plan that expands our clients’ presence on the Google platform.


This includes optimizing budget and bidding strategies through our Search campaign blueprint and tailoring our approach to You

Gambit’s Edge

Regardless of whether you are a new client or have previously worked with other Google ad agencies without success, we are committed to continuously testing and experimenting with new bidding strategies and techniques until your ads become profitable and scalable. Our team achieves this through various methods, such as improving negative keywords, providing feedback on landing page optimization, and testing ad copy to enhance quality score.


We are dedicated to optimizing and maximizing the performance and profitability of your Google ad account.​


Gambit Digital partnered with Google’s Accelerated Growth Team:


Gambit Digital has the honor of working with Google’s Accelerated Growth team, which specializes in providing white glove service and collaboration to us. Their objective is to support quick, sustainable growth. By doing so, they provide day to day account management, access to beta products, and strategic business development support.​