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Unique Vintage Case Study


Unique Vintage, a blossoming women’s fashion eCommerce brand, found itself at a critical juncture. Despite experiencing commendable growth over the years, the lack of a strategic marketing blueprint hindered its profitability, particularly in its digital advertising efforts. Enter our team, tasked with the ambitious goal of revamping Unique Vintage’s digital presence and driving profitability through targeted advertising strategies on Facebook, Google, and email platforms.


Upon our engagement, Unique Vintage was grappling with an underwhelming Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 0.82, a clear indicator of advertising inefficiency. Their digital marketing efforts, primarily through Facebook and Instagram, were not only unprofitable but also lacked the strategic rigor necessary for impactful performance. The brand’s aspiration was not just to rectify this negative trend but to catapult towards a 3X ROAS within a mere three months, setting the stage for a dramatic turnaround.

Strategic Overhaul

Our initial audit revealed several critical gaps – a dire lack of social proofing, inadequate split testing across audiences, ad types, creative, and copywriting, and a one-dimensional approach to ad creative and retargeting campaigns. It was evident that Unique Vintage’s advertising approach required a comprehensive overhaul.

Action Plan and Execution

With the help of Meta’s Advantage Plus Shopping campaigns paired with extensive, consistent testing, we were able to achieve consistent and scalable results MoM. We have implemented this same formula account-wide for all new campaigns, and continue to see rapid profitably growth.

  • Extensive Split Testing: We initiated rigorous testing across all variables – audiences, ad formats, creative elements, and copywriting. This allowed us to identify and scale the most effective combinations, tailoring our approach to resonate with Unique Vintage’s diverse customer base.
  • Sophisticated Ad Campaigns: Leveraging advanced targeting and segmentation, we crafted sophisticated ad campaigns tailored to various stages of the customer journey. Each campaign was meticulously designed to engage, nurture, and convert, based on the audience’s interaction level with the brand.
  • Enhanced Retargeting Efforts: Recognizing the untapped potential in retargeting, we deployed strategic campaigns aimed at re-engaging past visitors and incomplete transactions. By presenting dynamically personalized ads, we significantly increased conversion rates among previously interested prospects.
  • Creative and Copy Revitalization: We overhauled the ad creative and copy to inject fresh vibrancy and relevance, ensuring each element spoke directly to the aspirations and needs of the target audience. This not only improved engagement rates but also bolstered the overall brand perception.


The results were nothing short of spectacular. Within the first three months, Unique Vintage’s advertising strategy underwent a radical transformation, culminating in a remarkable ROAS of 5.8X – far surpassing the initial goal. This remarkable turnaround not only validated our strategic approach but also set a new benchmark for digital advertising excellence within the fashion eCommerce domain.


  • Increased Sales Volume: By optimizing ad spend and targeting efficiency, we significantly increased online sales volume, proving the direct impact of a meticulously crafted advertising strategy on bottom-line results.
  • Reduced Acquisition Costs: Through targeted campaigns and refined audience segmentation, we were able to lower the cost per acquisition, enabling Unique Vintage to invest more confidently in its advertising endeavors.
  • Elevated Brand Engagement: The revitalized creative and strategic ad placements fostered deeper engagement with the brand, translating to higher conversion rates and enhanced customer loyalty.


The Unique Vintage case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital advertising. By addressing critical gaps, implementing rigorous testing, and tailoring campaigns to the nuanced needs of the target audience, we were able to turn around the fortunes of a thriving fashion brand, setting it on a path of sustainable growth and profitability. This journey underscores the pivotal role of strategic marketing in unlocking the full potential of digital platforms, heralding a new era of opportunity for brands willing to embrace change and innovation.