Our Work

Nira Case Study

The Overview

NIRA Skin, sells the first & only painless at‑home laser proven to reduce wrinkles, came to Gambit Digital at the height of the pandemic and iOS14 rollout looking to exponentially grow their business, with an emphasis on boosting customer acquisition, revenue, and efficiency. To meet their goals, they capitalized on Gambit Digital’s synergistic Paid Social and Creative services to build a diversified, full-funnel content strategy optimized for omnichannel success.

The Success

By optimizing the sales funnel with Facebook and Google / YouTube, NIRA Skin’s was able to scale in six months through the first half of 2022.

The Strategy

Investing in Facebook to Boost Upper-Funnel Traffic


Throughout Q4 2021, Paid Social, in particular Facebook, was the main driver for NIRA Skin’s growth. Understanding the data-tracking ramifications of 2021’s iOS 14+ rollout, we took a leap of faith, trusting that there was a lot of unattributable revenue and that Facebook was driving the lion’s share of upper-funnel traffic. With the help of our partnered 3rd party tracking and attribution platform, we were able to better understand the paid social ecosystem and make accurate decisions accordingly.


A huge part of our success was holistic reporting. Due to the data volatility in a post-iOS 14+ world, Gambit Digital and NIRA had to get creative and collaborative when it came to data. In order to best determine where, when, and how much to scale, we “swapped” holistic data on a weekly basis, combining revenue from Facebook, Google, and Shopify. This method allowed us to be agile and aggressive with scaling the account, while hitting the client’s 3X+ blended ROAS goal during a challenging time for most brands.


Prior to working with Gambit Digital, NIRA Skin was running Paid Social campaigns under the direction of a different agency who struggled to churn out the conversion-boosting campaigns necessary to meet their revenue goals. The Gambit Digital Paid Social team determined early on that this would require them to tackle two major strategies:

1. Optimize Direct Response Creative

Prior to working with us, NIRA Skin had been using generic footage that did not fully celebrate the brand’s unique, most compelling attributes. Gambit Digital quickly identified the winning creative: a high-quality direct response video that used real consumer’s testimonials from various age ranges. The goal of the creatives was to make the creatives more authentic and relatable to viewers. The direct-response optimized video doubled performance for the brand practically overnight.


2. Website CRO

Another change that drastically improved performance was a complete redesign of the website. New brand image with a more minimalistic purchase flow improved sitewide conversion rate by over 200%!

With the help of Meta’s Advantage Plus Shopping campaigns paired with extensive, consistent testing, we were able to achieve consistent and scalable results MoM. We have implemented this same formula account-wide for all new campaigns, and continue to see rapid profitably growth.

The Impact

Our omnichannel strategy proved impressive because, despite iOS 14’s performance tracking ramifications, we were able to remain agile and aggressive with scaling the NIRA Skin’s account, while hitting the client’s 3X+ blended ROAS goal.


This was due to our winning combination of optimized direct response creative, fluidity between Paid Social and Paid Search, conversion rate optimizations, full-funnel optimization, and holistic data reporting to circumvent signal loss.

As a result of Gambit Digital’s success on Facebook and Google, NIRA Skin has since ramped up their creative output automating content via influencers to further scale all paid social channels.