Our Work

Magnetic Me Case Study

The Overview

Magnetic Me wanted to scale and improve on creative testing. They have been in the baby apparel business for over 12 years, but were seeing some stagnation in terms of growth. They had been running Meta, Instagram, and Google.

The Goal

We were brought on to strategize, optimize, scale and manage their Meta/IG advertising for Q4. We quickly identified issues with their ad account. Lack of structure in their ads and not doing enough ad types, creative, or offer testing. Their goal was to increase sales by 25% in comparison to last year.

The Results

After the first 3 months with Gambit, Magnetic Me generated roughly $6.8 million  in revenue while achieving an 8x blended ROAS. Sales, new customer orders, and overall orders were increased by 50%.

The Strategy

1. Meta:


The biggest opportunity we saw that needed to be implemented was proper campaign structure and creative testing.


First thing we addressed was the campaign structure. The previous manager failed to set up Advantage Plus Shopping correctly and was primarily focusing on Remarketing audiences instead of Prospecting. Additionally, there was a heavy reliance on Dynamic Ads Broad Audiences (DABAs) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). We implemented a more traditional structure that focused more on Prospecting since we saw that their email and SMS were performing consistently.


Finally and most importantly, we needed to improve creative testing. Since the focus was on DABA and DPAs, it was hard to understand what worked and what did not. So we implemented a strategy that involved UGC, Static, Carousel and ad copy. All of these creative tests allowed us to understand and scale at an exponential rate in comparison to the previous year.
Magnetic Me has seen growth month over month while partnered with Gambit Digital. After dialing in all levers and finding what works for the brand, we are on track to achieve $25-$30 million annual revenue in 2024 while maintaining a 6.5x blended ROAS annually

2. Google:

The latter part of 2023 was a critical juncture for Magnetic Me, with three main strategies playing a crucial role:

  • Product Strategy: Optimization of product keywords and copy was identified as essential for enhancing the conversion rate for each product.
  • Creative Refinement: Creative content was rigorously tested within each audience segment to ensure alignment with specific demographic preferences. For instance, veteran audiences were targeted with specially tailored creatives.

Ad Structure and Segmentation: The existing Pmax campaign was restructured to incorporate several new audience segments, including 55+ community, intent base shoppers, and interest based groups. Each segment was matched with highly specific creatives. This strategic realignment resulted in a 12% year-over-year increase in conversion rates.


Revenue Scale efficiently: With these big changes, our goal was to increase spend, to then in turn increase revenue.