Our Work

Evelyn & Bobbie Case Study

The Overview

Evelyn & Bobbie was founded because women are fed up with the pain and discomfort, and disappointed with alternative bra options on the market. These unique wireless bras are backed with 6 patents, revolutionizing a 100 year old industry.

The Goal

With Evelyn & Bobbie’s 6 patents and a one of a kind bra design, Gambit Digital was tasked to find acquisition audiences that would convert and scale its rapidly growing customer base net profitably.

The Results

For the first time since the inception of the brand, Evelyn and Bobbie had their first profitable quarter. With our strategy, the brand is now increasing spend 15%+ MoM while maintaining efficiency for 2023.

The Strategy

1. Meta:

Looking to boost revenue, Gambit Digital stepped in to strengthen Evelyn & Bobbie’s full-funnel strategy, with a focus on maintaining acquisition spend, while driving a steady stream of high-intent new customers down the funnel. This approach was a departure from that of their former agency, which catered purely to remarketing and retention.


Evelyn & Bobbie is one of the few brands that have patents for their products, making them unique in the intimate market. We wanted to capitalize on that in creatives and showcase what features of their product that set them miles above what any competitor can offer.


Gambit Digital focused heavily on creative and finding acquisition audiences that would convert. Focusing on high performing short videos and extensive static image testing, we saw immediate success in their Prospecting and Remarketing campaigns.

With the help of Meta’s Advantage Plus Shopping campaigns paired with extensive, consistent testing, we were able to achieve consistent and scalable results MoM. We have implemented this same formula account-wide for all new campaigns, and continue to see rapid profitably growth.

2. Google:

Evelyn & Bobbie is a women’s intimate apparel company that aims to revolutionize the industry with its innovative design and engineering. The company decided to run a series of Google Ads campaigns to promote its products and increase brand awareness. The campaigns were set up as Performance Max, Brand Search, non brand Search, and more, allowing the company to showcase its products with images, prices, and descriptions directly in the search results. The campaigns were also optimized to target specific keywords related to women’s intimate apparel and competitor brands. As a result, the campaigns achieved a 28% increase in website traffic and a 19% increase in online sales on Q1 of launch. Additionally, the cost-per-click (CPC) was reduced by 10% through continuous optimization efforts. The campaign’s success not only drove more sales for the company but also helped increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.