Leverage the World’s Largest Search Engine to Generate Sales
No Matter what service is being used on Google, Gambit Digital creates a full customer journey to ensure we bring qualified prospects through the funnel, while scaling your brand.

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Google is so powerful because it starts with intent. When people go to Google, they already know what they’re looking for. They’re actively looking for something to research or purchase.
At Gambit Digital, we make sure to create a complete customer journey for all qualified prospects, while scaling your brand.


We leverage Google’s audience insights to help us find your highest converting audiences. We layer those audiences in your Google Shopping campaign with the appropriate bid adjustments. Google Shopping caters towards those of high intent and discovery as your products will be down to those who are seeking specific products, or products that match your category.


Reach your audience throughout a massive network outside of Google with custom banners to capture their attention.

Bid adjustments based on best performing placements


Grow Your Brand on the Channel Where People Are Really Watching

Make YouTube a part of your core reach plan, and drive your message faster & more efficiently with ads people really watch (which means fewer wasted impressions and stronger Brand Lift).

Target key audiences with real-time intent/interest/lifestyle signals from Google Search, Maps & Display Network.

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