Sports Apparel

We successfully scaled this brand from 17k in spend In a 12 month time frame to 107k in spend in the past 13 months at a 1408% ROAS!

Morning Recovery

Morning Recovery, a supplement to help combat toxins in your body after a night of drinking started with a relatively large spend, but had a CPA that was hurting margins, and preventing them from scaling. Within 90 days, we’ve scaled their sales while driving down CPA to their goals. By taking a holistic approach, their Amazon sales also significantly scaled.

KPI: CPA $60~$65

Police and Firefighter Apparel Brand

With this Print On Demand Ecommerce Brand we utilized winning products from Facebook to leverage our google efforts. We then created single keyword & product groups in Google search & shopping which allowed us to scale individual product categories 
We introduced Shopping Campaigns 2 Quarter of 2018 and were able to maintain a 303% return on revenue to cold traffic on full priced products to a total revenue amount of $182,624.12. We are projecting and on track for their first 7 Figure Google Revenue calendar year in 2019.

Belt Brand

This brand reached $256,602.56 in revenue the month prior to working with us. Our first month working together we did a total of $516,295.11 in revenue and spent $90,507.82 on Facebook Advertising. The next month we did a total of $739,974.71 in revenue and spent $155,157.41 on Facebook. We did this while offering no discounts and running ads out of 2 accounts. 1 for prospecting and the other for re-engagement and remarketing.


Health food Brand

Prior to partnering with us, this health food brand was spending an average $50,000/month with Facebook at an average 1.75 ROAS. After working with us for 3 months, we increased monthly spend to an average of $150,000 while increasing the ROAS by 25%.

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